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Fragments of Portland

Part of a larger project documenting cities in the Willamette Valley, this selection of photos was taken in Portland, Oregon.  I spent a day slowing down, looking, and considering what I saw.  There is a care and consideration in the visual aesthetics of Portland–good design is everywhere. Then there is the roughness of the rain, the chaotic energy and grit is also front and center.

You Can’t Evade Yourself

How could you go about creating art that was not completely bound up in the causes and conditions of your life?  Art reflects the artist. There is no way out of this conundrum, no matter the method. Below are a selection of idea collages from my sketchbook. The method is simple: think of a prompt, cut out shapes from magazines, glue them down, add a paper frame and you’re finished.  Each one of these collages is fairly small at around 4”x3”.


Sensation of Breathing

Subtle Tension

Colorful Death


Deep Space

Quick Movement

Eugene Snow

Snow is not a common occurrence in the Willamette Valley and when it does snow its typically limited to an inch or two. At the end of February, Eugene, Oregon received over a foot of snow.  A week later and the white blanket is still lingering…

Empty Only




Sideways Wind